Wharton-Habitat Housing Finance Course at Asia-Pacific Housing Forum

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August 25, 2013 by apicomely

India finance minister seeks relief for rupee

“Our Forum has gained considerable traction over the years. Like a ‘Davos of poverty housing’, it is an incubator for leading minds to offer creative solutions to address housing issues in Asia-Pacific. One in eight still lives in a slum in the region; so there is tremendous scope for collaboration between governments, businesses and civil society to improve the situation,” said Rick Hathaway, Vice President for Asia-Pacific, Habitat for Humanity International. He added: “The traditional approach to tackling poverty housing by simply building more homes is one dimensional and limiting. Solving the problem requires addressing affordability of housing finance, climate change and disaster resiliency, land rights inequality, infrastructure planning, basic services provision, sustainable livelihoods, and adoption of green solutions.

The members of this organization are the elite of their profession and certainly do some excellent work reviewing and advising on various impending regulation and the like. But after 20 years of hearing that the role of finance is shifting towards helping develop strategy and increasing partnering with the business, one would have thought that the qualifications, career paths, and origins of these finance leaders would have begun to show some signs of change. Specifically I for one would have anticipated an increase in the proportion of them holding a qualification of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and a decrease in the proportion holding a qualification awarded by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales. However, the available evidence suggests that if anything the reverse has happened, (see table).

The Finance Co. To Recover Sussex College Investment

Chidambaram was accompanied by top officials at the meeting in Indias financial hub of Mumbai with representatives of leading private and public sector banks. As the US economy picks up, the Federal Reserve is expected to start winding down its bond-buying stimulus scheme which has helped fuel an investment splurge in Asias emerging markets. The meeting was mainly to seek ideas and suggestions on what can be done about capital inflows. It was a very good and positive meeting, ICICI Banks chief executive Chanda Kochhar told reporters. Indias large current account deficit – the broadest measure of trade – must be funded with foreign capital, and the country is seen as one of the most vulnerable among emerging market nations whose currencies are under pressure globally.

The Role of Finance May Be Changing, But the Route to the Top Remains the Same

Sunil Jayatissa writes and asks TFC to be patient and pragmatic but his proposals are anything but pragmatic, says a source closely involved with the TFC operation. How pragmatic is it when Jayatissa claims ownership of something that was setup by TFC when he was Financial Controller? So when you work in a company and you leave do you take the ownership of your previous employer with you? This is laughable if it was not so ironic.


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