Kuwait forms cabinet with new oil, finance ministers

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August 7, 2013 by apicomely

George Clooney Ought To Stick To Filmmaking, And Leave Finance To Daniel Loeb

The previous cabinet, also headed by Sheikh Jaber, resigned last week in a routine process following a general election. The July 27 vote was boycotted by the Islamist, nationalist and liberal opposition but saw turnout of 52.5 percent, sharply up on the record low of 40 percent in the previous election in December. The new cabinet is Kuwait’s 12th since 2006. The emirate has been hit by a series of political crises that have forced 11 cabinets to resign and parliament to be dissolved on six occasions. Disputes between successive governments and parliament have stalled development in the wealthy Gulf state which has surpluses of around $400 billion thanks to high oil prices over the past 12 years.

Colorado School Finance Overhaul Coalition Turn In Over 160,000 Signatures Calling For Nearly $1 Billion Tax Hike

Finance Wed, Aug 7, 2013, 10:05 AM EDT – U.S. Markets close in 5 hrs 55 mins YOUR FRIENDS’ ACTIVITY Siena Lending Group Closes Credit Facility With Wells Fargo Capital Finance Financing Fuels Loan Growth and Business Expansion Press Release: Siena Lending Group 29 minutes ago 43.36 -0.37 STAMFORD, Conn., Aug. 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Siena Lending Group and its affiliates (“Siena”), a leading provider of asset-based lending to businesses in the lower middle market, announced the completion of a revolving credit facility with Wells Fargo Capital Finance, part of Wells Fargo & Company ( WFC ). Siena will use this credit facility to expand its balance sheet and continue funding small and medium sized businesses throughout the United States. Siena’s loan products include commercial business loans and working capital lines from $1 to $20 million.


The $950 million initiative known as Initiative 22, would raise money for Colorado education through a change in the state’s income tax structure. If the measure makes it onto the ballot and if voters approve, it would take the state’s flat income tax of 4.63 percent and change it into a two-tiered system. The rate would increase to 5 percent for the first $75,000 of taxable income and increase to 5.9 percent for earnings above $75,000, regardless of whether filed single or jointly. The money raised would pay for primarily five things: Incentives for effective teachers More funding for at-risk students $100M “innovation fund” grants that schools and districts can compete for A report by 9News points out that the funds would pay for an increase in school funding by 1/3 and that it would be a bigger tax hike that Proposition 103 , which was soundly rejected by voters in 2011.

Siena Lending Group Closes Credit Facility With Wells Fargo Capital Finance

Whatever it is, the artist in Clooney should welcome the arrival of the businessman in Loeb. Indeed, if the doings of Sony Pictures are placed under a brighter market microscope, that can only be a good thing. Thats the case because as Clooney surely knows, a good way to ensure a shallow pool for film finance is for the industry to suffer too many films like Heavens Gate, Ishtar, Waterworld, and The Postman. Public markets work best for discounting the future, and if theyre given greater sway over how capital is allocated to films, the frequency of box office bombs that scare away financiers have the potential to be reduced.


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