Ferro Rejoins STMicro as Finance Chief After Unit Split

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August 5, 2013 by apicomely

7 Courses Finance Students Should Take

Ferro was moved to ST-Ericsson last year to revive the joint venture, whose cessation was completed today. STMicroelectronics and Ericsson decided to dissolve the 50-50 partnership, which designed chips used in mobile phones, in March after failing to find buyer during a three-month search. Ericsson said today the ventures split is complete and 1,800 employees working with modems will join the Swedish company, while STMicro would take on the ventures other parts. STMicro said Ferro will also be responsible for legal, central operation planning, procurement, information technology and investor relations on top of his financial duties. He will work with Chief Executive Officer Carlo Bozotti , 60, who has headed STMicroelectronics since 2005.

Daniel Goodman / Business Insider The founders of Behance. Belsky is on the right. Scott Belsky is now an angel investor in companies like Pinterest with his own, very big startup success. Last year he sold a portfolio site for designers, Behance , to Adobe for $150 million. Prior to founding Behance, Belsky worked for Goldman Sachs.

17 People Who Left Finance Careers For Startups And Will Make Way More Because Of It

Finance students will benefit from knowing how to handle corporate reputation issues, should they arise. Ethics – Corporate scandals, such as the Enron scandal, which involved irregular accounting procedures, have also encouraged some business schools, such as the University of San Francisco and Loyola University Chicago, to add a course in ethics to their finance curricula. These courses focus on moral development in an attempt to stem future misconduct in business environments. The Bottom Line Students studying finance will be tasked with big responsibilities in their careers. They will have to manage the flow of money at their companies and identify financial risks and returns to make effective business decisions.

India’s Finance Minister Vows Not To Overspend

It is a red line and it will not be breached, he said on a day that economic data out of the country showed the government had run up a fiscal deficit of nearly half the budgeted amount in the first quarter. The fiscal deficit for April-June quarter was 48.4% of the budgeted amount compared with 37.1% in the same period last year, the ET reported Thursday. Chidambaram had unveiled a new fiscal consolidation road map soon after taking over as finance minister last year and managed to contain fiscal deficit at 4.9% of GDP by effecting aggressive expenditure cuts, joining countries around the world trying to streamline government. Investors have turned away from India this year, though.


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