Uncommon Jobs For Your Finance Degree

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July 28, 2013 by apicomely

The majority of finance students, and many MBAs, have to weigh in on the prospect of working at one of the departments of a company, a commercial bank, insurance company, accounting firm or small consulting shop (i.e., marketing , supply chain , etc.). But just because you can’t land a glamorous finance job – or don’t want to – doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t belong in this major. Read on for some uncommon jobs in finance that you might want to consider. When Finance Doesn’t Suit You Finance isn’t for everybody and, over time, people and interests change.

Yarmouth finance department could see reorganization

I think this does set us onto a better position for the future, she said. The board voted unanimously to adopt Hincheys proposal. Heir apparent to the finance director position is Yarmouths current financial analyst Edward Senteio, whose background in software development, Hinchey said, suits him to the more technical side of town finances. After reviewing a number of candidates for the position of finance director, and interviewing three finalists at its previous meting, the Yarmouth Board of Selectmen voted this week to hire none of them, and to begin the process of reorganizing the towns finance department instead.

Finance Ministry may allow 5 pvt funds to manage pensions of govt staff

Dear Customer, it said. The Peoples Leasing is still supervising the day to day functions of the company and a Monetary Board meeting will be held after PLC submits the report on CIFL. Regret that still no definite update with regard to your payment. However, we hope that there will be an update soon from the Central Bank end. Worried depositors flock at the CIFL office. Pic by M.A.

Finance companies and fictitious accounts

“We have received representation from Pension Fund and Regulatory Development Authority (PFRDA) that the government employees should have same choices of pension fund managers as is available to non-government subscribers,” a source said. The Ministry is considering this proposal as there is no reason to deprive the government employees of the same choices both regarding pension fund managers and also the choice of investment pattern as is available to their private sector counterparts, sources added. Based on the decision taken, sources said, a notification will be issued shortly. Currently, there are three fund managers for managing pension corpus of government employees.


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