Justices to tackle campaign finance, affirmative action

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July 25, 2013 by apicomely

How is the MCI-EFI designed? The survey consists of seven questions and an area for comments, asking the respondents opinions about the following: Current business conditions Expected product demand over the next four months Access to capital over the next four months Future employment conditions Evaluation of the current U.S. economy U.S. economic conditions over the next six months Business development spending expectations Open-ended question for comment How may I access the MCI-EFI? Survey results are posted on the Foundation website, http://www.leasefoundation.org/IndRsrcs/MCI/ , included in the Foundation Forecast newsletter and included in press releases.

The term begins Oct. 7, and the very next day justices will hear a challenge to the two-year limit on contributions from individual donors in federal elections. It will be the court’s first consideration of the election financing system since it lifted limits on independent spending by corporations and unions in 2010’s Citizens United case. The new challenge is brought by Shaun McCutcheon, an Alabama businessman who argues that individual donors shouldn’t be limited in the overall amount of money they can spread among candidates and political committees.

Baucus Says Finance Panel to Consider Tax Code This Year

We have to reform the code, he told reporters today in Washington . Weve got to do our work. Baucuss plan for committee action this year matches efforts in the House of Representatives by Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp, a Michigan Republican. Baucus and Camp have started a national tour together in support of a tax rewrite. The effort faces a series of obstacles, including entrenched interests defending their tax breaks and a partisan divide over how much revenue should be raised from federal taxes.

How Finance Fueled Students’ And Nonprofit’s Future

A second hit to bottomlines of banks and mutual funds would come through a sharp fall in the value of bond portfolios as yields rise. Finally, if short-term rates stay higher for longer, demand for loans could decline and defaults could rise. Short-term debt markets have dried up, particularly issues of commercial paper with tenors of up to a year, used frequently by finance firms. Yields on these have surged 200 basis points.

Banks, finance firms hit by RBI’s rupee defence

At the AshokaU Exchange in February 2013, we met Ted Levinson, Director of Lending atRSF Social Finance, and convinced him to give us the opportunity to gain experience in this innovative field. Impressed by our enthusiasm and commitment, he put us in touch with a nonprofit that benefited from impact investments: DC Central Kitchen. DC Central Kitchen is a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit that provides culinary training to at-risk individuals using local recycled food in order to provide healthy school lunches for grade school students. Due to their staggering growth, they requested a loan from RSF to help them invest in better equipment.


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