2013: The Tipping Point For Integrated Risk And Finance?

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July 11, 2013 by apicomely

Finance ministry wants RIL to sell some gas at old price of $4.2/mBtu

Yash Raj Films launches fashion label Diva’ni to sell handmade saris

Hear more examples of how technologies can support risk management in this 3-minute video by Michael Adams, Global Head Risk and Compliance Solutions, SAP, video. Modern methodologiesdont require a rip and replace approach when building an enterprise-wide platform for risk and finance integration. Furthermore, the capability can be developed over a period of time using anagile approach that addresses short and longer term needs. Am I right about this?

The country urgently needs to shift focus from finance to commerce: Uday Kotak, Kotak Mahindra Bank

According to Niko Resources, which holds 10% in Reliance’s D6 block, the price would be $8.4 per unit next April when the formula would be applicable. Reliance’s existing gas sales contracts expire at the end of the current fiscal. It has obtained government approval for charging $4.2 for five years ending March 2014. The Rangarajan committee had also recommended an end to the system of oil companies recovering their development costs from the revenue of a field before sharing profits with the government.


We have to get competitive. Can we afford to import Chinese Ganeshas? Are import curbs a solution? Today it has become a problem of finance. How are we trying to solve this – by getting more money to fix this.


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