Ex-Finance Minister named as the new Premier of Egypt

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July 10, 2013 by apicomely

Finance officers say council tax benefit reform is a threat to local government

Elections for a new Parliament would be held within two months of that. Once the new Parliament convenes, it would have a week to set a date for presidential elections. Besides naming Mr El Beblawi, who served as Finance Minister after the Arab Spring uprising that brought down Hosni Mubarak, as Prime Minister, the spokesman for the interim President said pro-democracy leader Mohamed ElBaradei was named a Vice-President. General El Sissi said yesterday in a statement carried by state TV that the future of the nation is too important and sacred for manoeuvres or hindrance, whatever the justifications.

Finance Fund Receives $2 Million in Ohio New Markets Tax Credits

Less than a third (32%) are resorting to withdrawing or discontinuing services to save money. The study also revealed widespread concern about government plans to devolve responsibility for local services down to communities. One respondent from a borough told researchers: “Whilst the government may well think that people are gagging to get involved in the running of local services, on the ground I don’t necessarily think that is something we’re experiencing.” Scott used the conference to suggest that securing the future of local government may depend on a radical restructure of the English council system. “The really big question for local government and its future is the question around two tiers: should they be moving towards unitary government?

Ex-Finance Minister named as the new Premier of Egypt

This is the fourth round of Ohio NMTCs awarded to Finance Fund since the state program began in October 2010. “The New Markets Tax Credit program has been an invaluable tool in helping us to advance and achieve our economic development mission throughout Ohio,” said Finance Fund CEO James R. Klein. To date, Finance Fund has received a total of $9 million in state NMTC awards and has allocated $7 million of that towards projects around Ohio totaling $75.2 million.

Preston finance board should have strictest membership rules, chairman says

The board on Tuesday asked its attorney, Michael Collins, to begin developing membership and communications policies. The Board of Selectmen recently asked Town Attorney Duncan Forysth, who works at the same firm as Collins, to draw up propsective language for a townwide ordinance that would govern replacement procedures for municipal boards. The Board of Finance may want to prohibit members of other boards with the towns largest budgets including the Parks and Recreation Commission and the Redevelopment Agency from simultaneously being Board of Finance members, Board of Finance member Andrew Bilodeau said Tuesday. Abstaining from votes on matters relating to other boards may not be enough, he said.


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